By education, I’m engineer in image and signal processing and PhD in robotics. I then worked as a research engineer and IT project manager in multiple labs and in a start-up cooperative.

I’m a free software developer because I believe this model to be way more ethical than proprietary softwares. I believe most english readers will be fellow developers so I won’t spend much time on it but it is, as you probably know, way more difficult to make a living by creating free softwares than by creating proprietary ones.

You can find an overview of my various computer projects on the dedicated page, as well as a more professional presentation of my background and skills on this page.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if my profile piques your interest. We can explore potential collaborations, whether they be professional or not. I’m constantly on the lookout for projects dedicated to improve social justice and I dedicate some of my free time to development work. So, don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re a low-budget organization in need of a developer!

Outside of work, I have the pleasure to serve as the president of the association ECLAT where I coordinate a team of three professionals and around twenty volunteers to enhance the care provided to individuals who are in situation of exile and present post-traumatic stress syndromes.

I spend the rest of my time reading, tackling logical programming problems, or venturing into the mountains off the beaten paths…