Open source projects

Ethique et Thunes : a web app for an ethical finance cooperative

Developed during an attempt to create a cooperative for ethical wealth management led by Denis Dupré and supported by INRIA, the french research institute of IT, this application, based on React.js was intended to allow individuals to autonomously manage their wealth while adhering to their ethical principles. Ultimately, the cooperative never materialized, but the principles developed are now carried forward by the éthique et thunes (fr) association.

Dé : a dematerialization platform for small municipalities

Online since 2021 and in use by a municipality (fr), this is a tool created and specifically designed for very small municipalities. Developed using Django, it enables municipalities to fulfill the legal obligation of dematerialization for free, providing a truly adapted online space. Creating an account and configuring it takes only a few minutes, requires no expertise, and results in a dedicated and personalized online space.

Symphonium: a piano learning tool

Inspired by Synthesia (proprietary software) and PianoFromAbove (open-source but no longer functional), Symphonium was, at its creation, the only cross-platform and open-source software for piano learning. Symphonium is based on Qt and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. More informations are available on its dedicated website or on the GitHub repository of the project.

Other IT Public Projects

  • BOARR: an obstacle avoidance test bench for drones created during my thesis. More information is available on its GitHub repository. A flight video in the BOARR benchmark
  • I’m hosting a website and a Discourse for the Ethique et Thunes association
  • I’m hosting a websitefor the ECLAT association
  • I created a website, SI-facile, related to my activity towards municipalities.

Future Projects

  • With Twitter taking a questionable direction and becoming increasingly polluted by misinformation, the idea is to create a Mastodon plugin that enforces the writing of a message that takes between one and three minutes to read and limits the maximum number of messages to one per day. I would like to try hosting a Mastodon server with this type of plugin to see what comes of it.
  • Automatic creation of digital spaces tailored for associations: The observation is simple, Google Drive is the undisputed leader in shared workspace solutions for associations. The goal would be to allow anyone managing an association to install all their necessary IT tools in a matter of minutes. The main idea is to simplify the use of alternatives to Google/Slack/Trello so that every association can regain ownership of its data.